Amsterdam, 6th August 2013 – Leading satellite and broadcasting organisations today announced a collaboration to host a series of interference prevention meetings throughout IBC. The meetings, hosted by the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG), the World Broadcasting Unions- International Satellite Operators Group (WBU-ISOG) and the Radio Frequency Interference – End Users Initiative (RFI-EUI), will be sponsored by Eutelsat and SES.
The Satellite Interference Mitigation Forum, sponsored by Eutelsat, will be held on Thursday 12th September from 1pm at the Holiday Inn, De Boelelaan2, Amsterdam. This technical forum aims to address recent developments, as well as discussing the next steps in interference prevention. It will cover a number of important topics, including training, earth station testing, Carrier Identification, and geolocation techniques.
The groups will also be working together on a series of breakout briefing meetings, sponsored by SES. These meetings are aimed at educating the industry and users about interference prevention techniques, technologies, and initiatives, providing them with the tools and information to ensure they can mitigate interference and its effects on their business. Each of these briefings will have a different theme as follows:
·      Friday 13th September        17:15  – Earth station testing
·      Saturday 14th September   17:15  – Carrier Identification
·      Sunday 15th September     17:15 – Training
“We are pleased to be collaborating on these joint meetings,” commented David Hartshorn, Secretary General, the Global VSAT Forum. “Satellite interference can only be tackled with the support of the entire industry. Events such as these are vitally important to help us communicate current initiatives and engage with the industry.”
“By joining forces with other groups, we can cover a broad spectrum of interference prevention measures and enable attendees to truly get to grips with the challenge, as well as the solutions,” commented Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satellite Interference Reduction Group. “We are keen to engage a wide cross-section of the industry, including broadcasters, satellite operators, and equipment manufacturers, amongst many others.”
The Satellite Interference Mitigation Forum takes place at the Holiday Inn, De Boelelaan 2, Amsterdam at 1pm on Thursday 12th September.
The workshops will take place in the SES Balcony Suite BM10/11 at the dates and times mentioned above. To register for any of these meetings, please or or email
About The Global VSAT Forum
GVF is the single and unified voice of the global satellite industry.  Founded in 1997, it brings together organisations engaged in the delivery of advanced broadband and narrowband satellite services to consumers, and commercial and government enterprises worldwide.  Headquartered in London, GVF is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation with 230+ members from more than 100 countries.  The broad-based membership represents every major world region and every sector of the satellite industry, including fixed and mobile satellite operators, satellite network operators, teleports, satellite earth station manufacturers, system integrators, value added and enhanced service providers, telecom carriers, consultants, law firms, and users.
For more information, please visit
Contact martin.jarrold@gvf.orgin the UK office, or in the US office please contact or
About The Satellite Interference Reduction Group
The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) is a leading organization working to reduce satellite frequency interference. It comprises three main working groups, covering Carrier ID, VSAT, and Geolocation technology. The Group’s membership is comprised of satellite operators, users, uplinkers, service providers, equipment vendors and other organizations with a stake in combating radio frequency interference.
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About WBU-ISOG: (
Founded in 1985, the International Satellite Operations Group (ISOG) is a committee of the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU). ISOG provides a global forum for members of the WBU to exchange information, outline requirements and resolve common operational problems. WBU-ISOG’s mission is to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions for all operational matters associated with transmission (by satellite or any other means) of video, audio, and broadcast-related data material from sites of news, sports, special events and entertainment, and to work with all international groups, institutions, organizations, and appropriate bodies to achieve these solutions. In this endeavour WBU-ISOG reflects one of the aims of the WBU by including and supporting the needs and requirements of broadcasters around the world. WBU-ISOG meetings are held twice a year and permit open dialogue from an international perspective on key satellite communications issues. WBU-ISOG is a tri-partite organization whose participants include members from the WBU including broadcasters, satellite and fibre optic carriers, transmission service providers and invited participants associated with the industry.
The RFI-EUI / Radio Frequency Interference – End Users Initiative is a voluntary group composed of media companies, equipment manufacturers, industry groups, satellite system operators and satellite service providers from around the world.  It was founded in February 2011 primarily to give voice to customers, clients and essentially all end users of satellite capacity regarding RFI.  RFI-EUI has been established to work in concert and in conjunction with the satellite operators to identify, mitigate and prevent – ultimately to stop – satellite interference. For more information, please visit
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