Promote innovation in the satellite communication industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact, saving time and money.

Why SIG?

By joining SIG you will become part of an organisation with members that are leading the way with innovation in the satellite communication industry. With access to networking events and workshops, you can get in the same room as your potential customers and engage at a technical level.

As an established organisation, SIG leverages its position to spearhead initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and reducing errors for the satcoms industry.

SIG promotes discussions between industry operators and professionals in order to examine challenges and opportunities, as well as considering the technical aspects of industry efficiencies as a whole.

Our aim is to foster relationships between operators, manufacturers and solutions providers by providing a forum for debate. SIG holds annual workshops which see some of the largest organisations within the industry come together to discuss innovation in the current landscape.

Innovative solutions are promoted through SIG channels, including our website’s News Hub, events, social media and in discussions with SIG’s industry network.

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