For twenty years, the group worked tirelessly to reduce RF incidents and its effects on the satellite industry. Now, it seems that downtime caused by RF incidents has reduced and new processes (request fulfilment) and tools have greatly minimised the time taken to resolve issues.

With that in mind, in October 2018 we became SIG: The Satcoms Innovation Group. Its aim is to continue building on current innovations in order to maintain management of request fulfilment and incidents, but also to improve efficiencies in other operational areas of satellite.

The satellite industry has a highly unique remit in that it is integral to the daily lives of almost everyone on Earth in some way or another. It is therefore absolutely essential that it can continue to provide a high quality of service to end users. However, with the planned LEO constellations of the future, 5G and the demand for constant connectivity, SIG believes we may find it harder to keep space clean.

Our aim is to foster relationships between operators and manufacturers, solutions providers and users and create a forum for debate, through workshops, events and so on. We hope to support manufacturers as they build tools and innovations to help us improve efficiencies, while we take insight from operators and users to help us inform the inception of these tools. These tools will help us provide a reliable service and prepare for the future.

In short, SIG’s aim is to meet the new requirements of request fulfilment and incident management in promoting innovation in the satellite communication industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact, saving time and money.


Note: SIG was previously the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG).