Military users depend on satellite for mission-critical operations around the globe, from radio, to navigation. Quite uniquely, issues in military satellite communications could have potentially fatal consequences. As such, military customers demand from satellite more efficiency on their links and high levels of reliability. Errors in military X band are rare, although they are usually treated as a hostile act and thus must be solved quickly.

The problems begin when we consider that military users are increasingly needing to utilise commercial bandwidth to meet demand. Of course, the commercial sector is not as stringent when it comes to regulation, nor does it have the same resources to monitor networks or train personnel. As such, heightened interaction between military sectors and commercial sectors could increase the likelihood of errors for military users.

SIG is working to build an understanding on both sides of the fence, and encouraging the sharing of combined resources between the two sectors to bring about new technologies for error mitigation and boost resilience in milsatcoms.