Martin Coleman is Executive Director, the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG). Since taking on the position in 2011, Martin has been active in spearheading several significant initiatives, leading the advance in new tools to resolve all types of VSAT interference using SatGuard and the campaign to introduce Carrier ID across all SCPC/MCPC transmissions and subsequent ongoing activities. Martin regularly addresses the industry on the issue of satellite interference and the management of Spectrum and Space, at global industry events and facilitates SIGs workshops throughout the year. His group is heavily involved in introducing innovative technology and processes to mitigate all types of satellite interference recently focusing on the next generation of tools required to meet the demand of both LEO and MEO expansion using AI. In addition, the group works with the ITU and major broadcasters in dealing with Harmful Interference. From this, IRG has initiated developing new standards and processes within the Geolocation industry. IRG supports major industry groups such as APSCC, ESOA, GVF, ITU, SSPi, WBU-IMCG and the WTA in getting all interference initiatives advanced.

Martin’s own company, MC, an Events, Technology and Management provider since 1992; Also develops Network Management Systems (NMS) since 1997 and now working with Crystal, a leading provider of NMS and automation control (NMS+) for the satellite and video distribution industry.

Prior to setting up Colem, Martin was an engineer in charge of various BT projects for Madley, Goonhilly and other ground stations within the UK as well as working at London’s international switching centres starting his career in 1970.