Broadcasting relies heavily on satellite services. Even with the rise of OTT, IP, VOD and so forth, no other medium is more suitable for live sports, events and news, as satellite.

Thanks to the work of SIG, broadcasters have been brought to the table and both industries are working together to ensure the viewers at home receive a quality experience. After all, content providers facing heavy competition in the video industry can’t afford to lose the loyalty of their customers, while the satellite industry must ensure they uphold the validity of satellite for broadcasting.

SIG’s members have, over the years, innovated solutions and techniques to limit disruption to broadcasters in relation to errors, however many of these solutions were not designed to be long-term. For example, satellite operators have long been simply moving broadcast customers to different spectrum to solve errors & issues in the short term. Naturally this means we gradually end up with scattered amounts of unusable bandwidth, as well as doing nothing to consider how we could prevent errors in the long term.

Poor equipment and a lack of education within the broadcast space also means that the industry is prone to errors. But by working with manufacturers to improve product quality, and supporting the inception of new solutions for automation to reduce human error, SIG expects the unique relationship between both industries will continue successfully.