18th November – EMSTA Seminar, Hatfileld
Advisory Board Member, Martin Coleman will be chairing the EMSTA seminar – 

Key Topic: Does the benefit of high technology justify the cost to the environment?

Are we really looking after space?

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong’s first footprint on the moon was beamed around the world ‘live by satellite’. Today, that same caption, ‘live by satellite’ is flashed on screen to excuse the slightest imperfection of the transmitted image.

Complacency and the throw-away society has led us to expect to have the best of everything. But the cost is mounting up and, unless we do something dramatic, we risk:

♦ choking our most precious asset – the planet we live on;
♦ blocking our opportunity to explore the other planets of our solar system and the Deep Space of the Cosmos.

The picture shows the current situation and is based on 10,000+ satellite launched to date in orbit from 200 miles to 22,300 miles altitude. The debris cloud around them amount to more than a million objects of
greater than 1cm and 100x that figure more smaller items. From flakes of paint and tools to whole satellites and their spent launch vehicles. That’s 10 times more satellites than had been launched by the time Armstrong put his foot down.

Plans to put a further 45,000+ (with their associated launch vehicles) up there by 2036 in constellations far larger that we have ever previously contemplated are cause for concern.

This evening seminar will be the twenty-first annual prestige seminar organised by EMSTA CIC as a joint event with various professional engineering and science Institutions.

This free event is hosted by the University of Hertfordshire and will commence with light refreshments and networking in an informal environment.